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WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Needed for downloading files and backing up data● permission. Put theme to(internal strage): /sdcard/Yuzu Browser/theme/**your_theme_name**/Please refer to the project page when creating. INTERNET: Needed to access the internet for browsing● permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Needed for sites that want your location (you can deny location access)● permission.WAKE_LOCK: Needed for playing video This application is an open source application.Some partners have elected to list their offerings on our Software Partners page.

The choice of Domino's Pizza and many food service point-of sale (POS) solution providers to link Caller ID into delivery and take-out modules.Installation Diagrams and instructions are included and we provide free installation support for both novices and telephone professionals.Software companies linking our products to their system comprise the backbone of our business. Smoother, more consistent customer interactions build trust and lead to repeat customers. The system is flexible and customizable, so it’s a one-stop solution that you'll never outgrow. Our software provides professional support in key areas that affect the success of your business: Draft fast, easy estimates, schedule work orders and future maintenance, accept payments and more, all with just a few quick clicks.

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Also, you can use the theme of mikan browser as it is.

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