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"Ezria" also taught us that when it's love, it's love.

It doesn't matter you met each other in a bar and spent 10 minutes in the bathroom, which pretty much makes you question their entire relationship, because they're just so darn adorable.

Admit it, we all knew Alison was alive, but when Toby died, Marlene King hit us right in the feels. Even if you make out with your sister's boyfriend, and then date her fiancee, it's okay.

When Mona died, however, we were all a little bit doubtful, because once you go black, you're A forever and never actually die. She will still kill a random stranger and form part of the weird stalker team that's out to get you, in order to protect you, because deep down, she loves you. If your ex-boyfriend/teacher gives you a sign that he wants you back, you take it and dump your boyfriend.

Aria taught us that size truly does not matter strength and courage come from all different types of people, and even though earlier I was being ironic, she really did teach us that we don't choose who we love, but we should choose to embrace whoever we love.

Alison taught us that sometimes, the one who pretends to be the strongest is usually the most sensitive one.

If this show has taught us anything, is that if you ignore people in middle school, call them "Hermie" or"Pigskin", or plant a stink bomb in their basement and blind them, they WILL form a secret stalker team against you and your group of friends. Has anyone else noticed that Emily's past girlfriends have mostly either been straight and realized they played for the other team because of Emily, or they never really say if they're lesbians, they just let Em hit on them?

You can convince yourself all you want that it's Maya or Wren, and you could even have actual valid proof, yet, it'll probably end up being that waitress that served Spencer on Season 2.Then there was Samara, which was one of the only girlfriends we knew these details about.Then Paige, who tried to drown her, then kissed her and said; "Don't tell", which led a lot of PLL fans to disapprove of what later became "Paily". Most importantly, Alison, who teased Em at first, yet, we all know she secretly has always been in love with her. Not only just for Rosewood, it's like a vice-versa relationship.Hannah taught us that the smartest people are often the ones no one expects.She also taught us that you can accomplish anything you want, as long as you believe you can.

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But be careful, because his presumed dead ex will probably come back to life because, why not? Who cares if you're engaged and your ex is dating your best friend?

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