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There is a card-matching playing card game of the same name that also has players grabbing spoons.(Playing cards)A great Euro-style game designed by Alan R. Create a player account (link to the left) to play the online version for free (payment required after the first four “trial” plays).An interesting traditional game that includes piece placement, movement, and “teleportation.” The link to the left is for a print & play version of the game, click here to play against a computer opponent.(Print & Play and browser versions)A card passing playing card game that has players making a simultaneous grab for spoons.Gain insight into Korean tradition and heritage on this 3.5-hour Korean cultural experience in Seoul.

As a result, roads will be very busy during this time of year.

The tour hosts were friendly and welcoming and gave us an experience we will never forget! We were in a group with some elderly Japanese women but our host made sure that we were all entertained.

After the kimchi making we played a Korean game and then got to wear the traditional hanbok.

The link to the left takes you to a site where you can play a browser version of the game against an AI opponent.

Visit the American Go Association for other play options (AIs, online human opponents, in-person human opponents).

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Would you like us to teach you a simple method for learning to read Hangeul (the Korean alphabet)?

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