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Your clients want to get to know you, like you and trust you before they will want to do business with you.It’s Not About You Many people believe that they have the best product or service and so they talk to their client about how much they (the sales person) love it and why the client should buy it. This does not work because it does not matter how much you love your product or service, although passion does help but it is always about the client and not about you.This phenomenon plays a key role in all biological processes, since it is responsible for the evolution of chemical concentrations by governing reaction rates.

Furthermore the clustering of the network consisting of these gene pairs generate many modules rich with similar function genes assessed by hypergeometric p-values determined using the R package GOStats.The Art of Communication Since we were little babies we have been speaking to other people so why do some people find it so hard to have a conversation with a potential buyer.You see this is a mistake that many sales people do.Genes may have various types of relations between them e.g.regulatory relations or they may be concerning to the same protein complex or metabolic/signaling pathways and obviously gene expression data should contain some clues to such relations.

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