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Half of these were dissected to monitor larval de- velopment; larvae in the other half of the shoots were held in plastic Petri dishes over filter paper in ventilated jars to study pu- pation habits, parasitoids, and adult emer- gence.

Parasites of Mompha solomoni include members of the genera Pholetesor Mason (Bra- conidae), Bracon E (Braconidae), and Euderus Haliday (Eulophidae). Deposited in indistinct patch contrasting with band of USNM. Wagner (7 c J, 9 9, 1 u) (UCONN, Male genitalia (Fig. anellus divided into two flat plates with Busck (1 6) (USNM). 1991, adults issued 4-19 lus), costa lightly sclerotized, densely se- Apr. — The Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington (ISSN 0013-8797) are pub- lished quarterly beginning in January by The Entomological Society of Washington. Members in good standing receive the Proceedings of the Entomo- logical Society of Washington. Frequency of Issue: Quarterly (January, April, July, October). Geni- talia were dissected as described by Clarke (1941), except that mercurochrome and chlorazol black were used as stains. Thorax: Mesonotum and tegula dark brownish gray, some scales with gray tips, tegula with apex gray to orange gray; fore- leg with femur laterally brownish gray ba- sally, white to gray apically, medially white except for brownish-gray posterior margin, tibia laterally dark brownish gray, medially dark brownish gray on margins, white in middle, tarsomeres laterally dark brownish gray with white apices, medially white mixed with scattered brownish-gray scales; midleg with femur white except for scat- tered dark brownish-gray scales on postero- lateral margin, tibia laterally dark brownish gray intermixed with white to form diago- nal bands at base, middle, and apex, tarso- meres dark brownish gray laterally, first, second, fourth, and fifth tarsomeres with PROCEEDINGS OF THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON /'-'V/^v ■'i SS^ s^a^ Figs. subscriptions are .00 per year and foreign subscriptions are .00 per year, payable (U. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP Title of Publication: Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington. Smith, Systematic Entomology Laboratory, ARS, USDA, % Department of Entomology, Smithsonian Institution, 10th and Constitution NW, Washington, D. The Methu- en Handbook of Colour (Kornerup and Wanscher 1978) was used as a color stan- dard for the description of the adult. third segment brown, intermixed with white scales, with indistinct white bands at middle and apex. Leafmines of Mompha cephalonthiella were taken at Nicholas along the Feather River, Sutter Co., CA, in September 1981 (DLW Lot: 81J6) and October 1982 (DLW Lot: 82K5); from along the American Riv- er, 4.8 km E of Auburn, El Dorado Co., CA, in September 1982 (DLW Lot: 82J12); Mansfield, Tolland Co., CT (DLW Lot: 89H49) in August 1989; and Sand Bar State Park, Chittenden Co., VT. Collections oi Mompha solomoni were made from Tolland and Windham cos., CT, in August, September, and October 1989 (DLW Lots: 89H49, 89J6, 89J14, 89K37, and 89K62); Monroe Co., FL in March, 1991 (DLW Lot: 91C14); Anne Arundel Co., MD, August 2002 (DLW Lot: 2002H28); and from Oak Point, Hammond, Saint Lawrence Co., NY, in August 1988 (DLW Lot: 88H45). Additional collections were made by James Solomon in 19, mostly in the Delta National Forest, Issaquena and Sharkey cos., MS, but a few additional samples were secured from Chicot Co., AR, and East Carroll Parish, LA.

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Ultrastructural studies were performed with a Hitachi HH-S-2R scanning electron microscope at an accelerating voltage of 20k V. 7), the invaginated pockets at the postero- lateral corners of tergum VII are much less prominent than in M. V- shaped cleft, and preceded by a short, spi- nose thickening located medially at the an- terior end of the cleft (projections rounded, separated by a shallow cleft, and preceded by a long, sclerotinized thickening at the anterior end of cleft in M.

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