Fear of intimacy and dating

What does the fear of intimacy do to a relationship?

Intimacy anxiety can basically kill most relationships.

Some arise in adulthood where you have experienced painful romantic relationships.

For anyone who has been hurt or damaged by a bad break-up, you may feel extremely fearful of opening your heart to someone new.

Eileen Bailey, our community leader here on Anxiety Connection and ADHD Central has written a not to be missed five part series on how ADHD affects relationships.

If you saw mom and dad constantly fighting, having extra-marital affairs, or getting a divorce, you might think twice about committing to a relationship in your adult years.

Many people wish to avoid becoming just like their parents especially if the relationship ended in pain and misery.

In childhood we also learn how to trust or develop attachment to the people we love. Paula Bruce, a clinical and forensic psychologist, and author of the blog The Pocket Psychologist, wrote an enlightening post entitled "Cat and Mouse Games in Relationships" to explain how attachment theory can explain a fear of intimacy. Bruce attributes a fear of intimacy with an underlying ambivalent attachment of childhood.

The child who is ambivalently attached to their parent will show great distress when separated from their caregiver but does not feel comforted or reassured upon the parent’s return.

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