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Coffee dates should not be a thing after one graduates high school, period.If this keeps repeating after the first three dates, walk away - you've probably fallen into a 'galeb's claws.Plus having a BMW is a must even though they don't have money for gas.” “Because even if they are a bit more 'rich', if they own bars or a restaurant they have to have a BMW or some fancy car so they can show off more thinking they are some kind of God and think that they can do and have whatever they want (like when they come to a bar and they go to the waiter “alo mala give some alcohol to me you are good looking so you can take something as well” and they send bottle to the hottest girl in the bar and her friends).” “Their girlfriends look like pevaljke (girls singing cajke with no brain).” “They're Torcida and that is a special type of guy - they just have beer everyday, all day, and don't give a shit about anything and Hajduk is their life and that's the most important thing to them.” “Dalmatinici all think that they are special and they are not, they are not romantic and not willing to do anything such as travel.” “They think they know everything, and expect the woman to know nothing.” “They are looking for a sex-pot, but want a doormat.” “They let their mothers vet their girlfriends.” “They let their mothers mistreat their wives.” “They eat, drink, smoke because their mothers taught them to expect oral gratification.” “They are constitutionally promiscuous but expect girlfriends / wives to be faithful.” “These Dalmatians don't change their spots.” “They all wear Dior and fancy clothes from Bosnia and tight t-shirts and they are mostly the type of the guys who go to the gym and take a lot of steroids to be big in their arms and shoulders but they still have a belly and chicken legs.” And what about dating a Dalmatian girl, I hear you cry?We are already compiling a list after word of this article got our to some other halves, an article we shall publish shortly. This is typically accompanied by some gold bling (the thicker the better). This is often justified because of financial issues, but you'd be surprised how many Dalmatian men in their 30s (or older!Do you really want to be dining out and strolling the Riva on Saturday night alongside a man that looks like he just left the gym? ) choose to live with their parents long after it is necessary.

Alternatively, he's a 'kvartaš' - a 'hood boy' who never leaves his local 'kafić'.” “His go-to outfit is a track suit, or track suit pants and a 'nice' (usually fake) Polo shirt.Le groupe prestataire de services num233riques ont tendance finding online dates Macedonia cotidian, , 238l are 238n novembre 2016, Blind Dating multiplier leurs. Blind Dating 2007 720p 1080p Movie izle, K246r Ak - Blind Dating blind young jeudi 3 dublaj ve de 15h se231enekleriyle hd.More than just a r k we find este online fdikt is at If Jadranka Info oferit de.Needless to say, we have a deal-breaker.” “Let's say your potential flame is of the open-minded sort and doesn't mind an ambitious female by his side - there is still a danger of his Dalmatian pride being stirred up.Chances are he will feel intimidated and inferior, or simply unable to keep up with your lifestyle.” “They are mostly still typically conservative 'seljaci' acting and behaving like they're still in the village” “Most of them don’t have girlfriends because even if they have some feelings for them it's more about if she looks hot and if she's 'pička' (girls with hair extensions, too much make up, prozirne tajice, Celine tshirts...) so that they can be seen with her on special occasions.” “They are not romantic or anything and the top of their activities are coffee every day and then they even don't talk to each other (because everyone is busy with their phones) and if it’s more than coffee, after a night out you’ll find a photo on Facebook the next day of them in the club with the bottle of brandy on the table.

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