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Looking forward to hearing all positive as well as negative reviews of eroids and the sources pushing gear over there.

I'm out of options at this point and really just want some legitimate opinions on the sources on eroids before I send my hard earned money to some unknown scammer.

For this you have to learn how anabolic steroids you are about to purchase should look like.

This means carefully studying steroids packages, the color of content, whether there is liquid or pills. They have to be clearly labeled, being very easy to detect.

Also, take in consideration that more probably you will want to run another cycle after few months, and you will need more financial resources.

The prices for underground grade anabolic steroids are more attractive than those for human grade.

I did hear the forum and site mods do edit negative posts about the sources that are paying top dollar for advertising and there are hundreds of sources advertising and supposedly being reviewed albeit manipulated by the staff there. Im gonna jump out on a limb on this one and assume your a newbie. Stick around, do your research and homework, and be a contributing member here.

Dont make a retarded decision with places like that man.

More advanced steroid users are pretty well acknowledged with the proper path to follow to get to the best online steroid store.Many of them learned from the own mistakes admitted in the previous experiences.You felt very sad and angry in the moment you realize you were scammed, but it serves you as the best lesson to do your homework before going diving into the internet for online steroids.This post is meant for those who use to learn from other people’s mistakes.Stepping on the same rake is not for them, and they are aware of the powerful influence of the internet in leading to the best.

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