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Los Angeles Superior Court's Judge Lawrence Riff granted the film producer's request to submit papers allowing him to apply for visitation in the future. Let me just observe that of paramount concern is the best interests of this minor, Angel.Right now before the court are the contentions by the two litigants as to what is in that child’s best interests.'Mr Belafonte asserts and alleges that it is in that child’s best interests for him to have frequent and continued contact with a child he is saying he raised from infancy.Back in April, he had regained visitation rights to daughter Madison - but was told he will only be allowed to see her with heavy supervision.Belafonte was granted heavily monitored visitation rights - which state he can see Madison, but in a pre-determined centre in LA with the presence of a court supervisor.But following reports claiming Mel B, 40, is now dating a 'real life Beverly Hills cop', Stephen Belafonte, 42, has insisted he 'wishes the best' for his estranged wife.

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If the court's going to give him notice of proceedings and embroiling him in litigation, then we are putting his little girl in the middle of this media firestorm.'She asked for Angel, who the couple had during their brief relationship, to remain "the last one in this family that can have protection and privacy".

Stephen's lawyer Michael Hanasa argued his client has raised the girl from a young age and said she already lacks privacy because she is "paraded around" on TMZ.

I am so happy to be single right now.' While Stephen had appeared to respond amicably in the latest footage, a spokesperson accompanying the producer seemed to hit out at Mel, as they referenced her previous claims that Belafonte had tormented her with years of physical and mental abuse - something which he has vehemently denied and labelled as a 'smear campaign'.

They said: 'You know it's very telling to come up with allegations of abuse and keep your children away from their father.

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